Have you been peeping at our products but have questions? Here are a few common questions we get!

  • What are the vessels made out of?
  • How do I take care of my new vessels?
  • How can I make the most of my vessels?
  • Can I use my vessel as a planter?
  • Do you ship internationally?
  • Do you have new products on the way?
  • I am a Florist or Homewares store, do you wholesale?
  • What is the minimum spend for wholesale orders?
  • Other questions?
  • All of our vases have been made from stainless steel with a lacquer finish to prevent rust, scratching, and transit damage. They are watertight, and should last a long time if a level of care is taken by their owners.

  • After use, wash the vessels in cold soapy water. It is important to dry the vessels completely before storing.

  • It's all about the multipurpose! Our vessels have been used by many as vases, planters, champagne buckets, and fruit bowls.

  • When used as a planter, you can put the soil straight into the vessel - it’s a common myth that you must have drainage holes for planters.

  • We sure do! Please let us know your delivery address details upon checkout so we can send the goodies your way.

  • We have three product launches per year so stay tuned! Keep an eye out on our social media @urbanedenco

  • Absolutely! If you hop over to our Wholesale section and fill in the appropriate information about your business you will be sent an account activation email to then shop directly from our online store. If you would prefer to order directly from us, send us an email and we can do it that way too.

  • We have a minimum spend of $280 AUD

  • If you have any further issues please contact us on: orders@urbanedenco.com