About Us

Prue Glazebrook

At Urban Eden & Co, we're passionate about innovation and sustainability for the home and garden. Our product line is made up of a range of self-watering pots, planters and vases. Each piece is multifunctional, constructive and handmade.

We provide you with all tools and steps to grow your own gardens, so you can find joy and education in watching plants grow. 

Urban Eden & Co formed when our founder, Prue moved from rural New Zealand to the city centre of Sydney, Australia. 

“Coming from a farming background, and with my mother and Grandmothers being keen gardeners, I grew up with soil under my nails and spending my childhood enjoying their gardens and orchards. When I moved to the city, it was these green surroundings that I missed the most.

The only space I had to grow food in my first inner city home was a bath tub sized balcony, where access to soil was nonexistent. This inspired me to create my own planters, so that I could bring a touch of my rural upbringing to the city.”

 Let's change the way we look at our environment. Let's Grow!