Our obsession with Vertical Gardens started after living in many small apartments. They are ideal for units, balconies, offices, anywhere that space is limited. They give a space the most serene jungle-like feeling. These babies are the lowest maintenance, so if you are a struggling plant parent they might be perfect for you.

How They Work

Our vertical garden system can either be fixed to the wall or stand alone on a mobile rack. If you choose to go the mobile rack route, there are twenty four pods for plants.

The options are endless, this is the ultimate adult lego project. Each planter has four pods for plants. There is also the option to purchase individual planters instead of the full rack system. They sit pretty on a kitchen bench full of herbs, or liven up an office desk.


Designed to Help Plants Thrive

In each pod, the plant roots will grow through the bottom allowing them to take as much water as they need. It eliminates the problem of one plant or herb taking over. As the plants mature you will get that wild jungle appearance. Our Vertical Gardens mimic a hydroponic system. What the heck does that mean? When connected the water flow system circulates through each planter, meaning you only need to water the top corner of your garden to nourish each plant. Each rack has a water level indicator which allows you to know exactly when you need to top up the water. 


Plant Inspo

If you have never planted a vertical garden before it may seem daunting. We suggest that you pick five or less different types of plants and plant in some sort of pattern or grouping to create a story. When selecting plants, it's a great idea to take a look at the leaves and see what shades/shapes appeal to you. You also need to consider where the Vertical Garden is going to be and pick plants that will thrive in those conditions. In order to create that full jungle look, we have put together a list of some plants that may be suitable. 

    • Syngonium 
    • Ferns- Birds Nest, Boston
    • Rubber Plants
    • Xanadu Philodendron
    • Ivy 
    • Calathea
    • Dieffenbachia
    • Alternanthera Little Ruby (for a beautiful contrast against green leaves)

Hot Tips 

  • You may want to purchase a bit of extra potting soil to fill any gaps
  • The day before you plant, give your plants a good water
  • Instead of purchasing twenty four plants, buy some larger ones and split them up (Ferns are great for this)